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If you own and operate a small business, you know it’s more important than ever to have a well designed professional website with an appropriate domain, a business email to match, and a reliable hosting provider to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Your online presence does more than just store your business information online. It can drive traffic and convert sales, streamline operations, boost credibility, and more.

Having a professional online identity can be your competitive advantage, and is crucial for growing your small business.

A study by Adaptive Marketing found that 97% of consumers go online to find and research local businesses, while a research team from Stanford revealed that 75% of consumers admitted they based a business’s credibility off of their website design. The eCommerce Foundation reported that one bad experience on a website makes consumers 88% less likely to visit that site again.

With tight budgets and an endless list of to-dos, most small business owners simply don’t have the resources available for the extensive research and complex tools it takes to create and maintain a great online presence.

While some business owners choose to spend precious time building their own site and finding the right digital providers, others overspend on third party design firms for theirs.

There hasn’t been a service that bundles hosting, domain, and email with website design, creation, and ongoing management all together at a great value…until now.

With our new service you get fast and secure hosting, a wide variety of domain options, business email to match your domain, and a professional team of experts to design, build, and manage the WordPress website of your dreams, all with one convenient plan. WordPress, established in 2003, is one of the largest content management systems in the world. Over 60 million users trust WordPress’s collection of diverse themes and 54,000 plugins to power their sites. WordPress reports that 34% of all internet websites are built off of their service. With beautiful designs and unparalleled functional versatility, your WordPress Website can do almost anything you need it to.

Introducing Website Design Service by Yahoo Small Business, the most efficient and affordable way to build your professional online presence.

Hosting and domains 101

Your website’s hosting service and domain are crucial to your online presence. You can’t have a website without them, so what are they?

Your domain is your online home address. It’s the name users type into their browser to visit your site. If your name is Mike and you run a bike shop, a great domain name would be With Yahoo Small Business’s Website Design service, it’s easy to browse from a list of available domains and choose the one that’s right for your business.

Your hosting service, on the other hand, is your website’s home. Hosting determines how many pages your website has, how much data it can store, how fast the pages load for visitors, and the overall security of your site. Having slow and insecure hosting can cost your business revenue, sending potential customers to competitors with faster and more secure websites.

Small businesses are the most susceptible to online cyber-attacks and can be attacked several times a day. The last thing you want to worry about is whether your hosting service can keep your business and customers safe from online threats.

With Yahoo Small Business as your hosting provider, you can count on 24/7/365 monitoring to keep your website’s server safe from hackers, malware, and other cyber intrusions. Your site also comes with an SSL Certificate to protect your customers’ contact information, email addresses, login credentials, credit card numbers, and other sensitive financial and legal information. Plus, with an SSL Certificate, your website is automatically ranked higher in search engine results.

Yahoo Small Business’s Website Design Service means your expertly designed and managed website comes with a quality hosting service that offers great performance and reliability, paired with a fast and simple way to find and claim an online domain with matching email all in one place and all at an affordable price.

You’ve got mail

You can use your own email address for business, but when professional messages are sent from a personal email you may lose credibility, making it harder to get and retain customers.

Let’s go back to Mike and his bike shop. Let’s say he keeps his personal email address, [email protected], to use for business communications. While it works, using his personal email could cause potential customers to think he’s working out of his home’s garage instead of the five-employee, brick and mortar operation he’s built over the last 5 years.

If he uses an email address that matches his domain at, then his customers will receive and send emails to [email protected], building credibility for him and his company.

This is a must-have when talking to customers, and helps build a cohesive online identity around your business. Your competitors have the proper email for business, so it’s important that you do too.

With Website Design Service by Yahoo Small Business, your online presence comes fully equipped with a professional business email account that matches your website’s domain.

Expert websites built by website experts

You only have one chance to make a great first impression, and in the online world, that chance only lasts a few seconds. After that, your site needs to make it easy for potential customers to do business with you.

Having built over 25,000 WordPress websites, our experts put users first by efficiently using white space and clean user experience design to create aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-navigate sites that are optimized to look great on your desktop, tablet, and smartphone.

Some websites need more complex functionality, such as providing quotes, accepting reservations, and other customer-facing processes. A Kinsta study found that WordPress powers 34% of all websites on the internet, creating an incredible ecosystem fueled by a vast network of versatile functionality plugins. Our design experts find and implement the best plugins for your site, helping streamline business operations to save you and your employees time and energy. This added functionality helps your WordPress website continually generate leads and convert customers month after month.

As part of your Website Design Service, you’ll be able to coordinate with our experts on annual website redesigns to include new design trends, WordPress updates, functionality plugins, and more for the expanding needs of your business.

Your Web Design Service team also includes professional copywriters and content specialists who will regularly update your site with new content and SEO optimizations upon request.

SEO is an online strategy that helps push your website to the top of online search results. Introducing topics and competitive keywords to your website in the form of headers, image captions, metatags, body content, actionable CTAs (call to action)you can increase your site’s ranking in search results and make it easier for prospective customers to find your business online.

Our content specialists help choose the best images for your website, and compress to ensure a cohesive online identity, while optimizing file sizes for a website that’s optimized for lightning-fast load times. Each month, you can have your website experts add new images, customer testimonials, updated business information, and more.

Whatever your needs, our Website Design Service team will be there every step of the way to make your WordPress site runs as smoothly as your business does.

How it works

Hiring one team to handle your hosting, domain, email, and website is a big decision. You’ll start with a free consultation with our experts to figure out if Yahoo Small Business’s Website Design Service is right for you.

After moving forward with Website Design Service, your website will kick off with a design consultation to outline your goals, preferences, and needed functionality. We will send you a summary email from the first meeting, and then you’ll send us necessary assets like your logo, after which the team begins design and build your website.

When we finish building your WordPress site, our team lets you know it’s ready for the first round of your feedback. Our team iterates on your website until you’re satisfied and ready to take it live. Once completed, we’ll do the final legwork to get your site up and running, and ready for business. As time goes on, our team will be there to monitor and maintain your site, with WordPress updates, new content, and annual redesigns.

Are you ready to take your professional online presence to the next level? It’s time to take the first step towards a better professional online presence.

Schedule your free consultation today, and see what Web Design Service by Yahoo Small Business can do for you.

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